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Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. The flood of young, middle-class women into universities in the s and '70s presented an unprecedented opportunity for a magazine that had built its fame on publishing nude photos of the girl next door. Although unlike the droves of frat boys who feast their eyes every year, my own continuing fascination has less to do with the charms of the, er, "co-eds" than with the curious dialogue the College Girls issue has had with campus feminism over the years. N ext month, as it has every autumn for the past 21 years, Playboy magazine will do its own unique version of "back to school" by publishing its annual College Girls issue. In the '60s, Playboy had had great success selling its readers the image of the hip, edgy, happening guy who grooved in his lounge suit with a group of adoring women and broke with the obedient, fuddy-duddy family man of the past.

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Lana. Age: 31.
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No doubt we'll be introduced to Amanda majoring in business , cavorting in all her taut, pneumatic glory on some dorm bed, bedecked with the pennants of whatever athletic conference "Girls of the Big East," "Girls of the Big Ten" has been chosen for this year's theme.

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Kristen. Age: 25.
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Playboy goes limp without feminist vice grip

In , as for much of the past 10 years, Playboy's visits to campus and the publication of its College Girls issue will pass with nary a picket sign or slogan from the feminist camp. Inadvertently, the campus feminists of the s gave Playboy exactly what it was in dire need of -- an enemy. In , Playboy made its first foray into the ivory tower. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:.

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